Welcome to Vietnam's first  hackerspace 
We build  AI-first  IoT products.


A nest for innovators

Welcome to the tribe. We are a group of scientists, engineers and designers collaborating on R&D, prototyping and launching products.


We share a workspace with talented and driven hackas, who meet to critique, collaborate and launch products.

Let's experiment the dynamics and interactions of:


  • Hackas and creative
  • Hackas and finance
  • Hackas and industry

You are always welcome to visit and talk geek with us!



Meetups for IoT, Docker, AI nerds


  Arduino workshop  

          IoT Alliance Meetup



   US Innovation Roadshow  


       Docker Birthday #3  


  Docker + Microservices + CI/CD  




   Design Thinking 4 IoT products  


Get in touch

If you need a technical guy to talk to, or want to join
like-minded nerds you are welcome to visit us.