Vietnam's first on-campus  hackerspace  
We build  AI/IoT  prototypes.


A nest for innovators

Welcome to the tribe. We are a group of scientists, engineers and designers collaborating on R&D, prototyping and launching products.


In collaboration with Sparclab (member of SET at HUST) we offer passionate students and driven hackas a space to experiment.

A "nest" for   techno-preneurs  to develop innovative  solutions to society's most pressing problems. 

Visit us and let's geek out!



Meetups for IoT and AI nerds


  Arduino workshop  

          IoT Alliance Meetup



   US Innovation Roadshow  


       Docker Birthday #3  


  Docker + Microservices + CI/CD  




   Design Thinking 4 IoT products  


Get in touch

If you need a technical guy to talk to, or want to join
like-minded nerds you are welcome to visit us.