AngelHack Hanoi Hackathon 2016



AngelHack Hanoi Hackathon 2016

Finally, AngelHack arrived in Hanoi during the weekend of 23rd and 24th April 2016 at Up Co-working Space, Hanoi Creativity City, No 1 Luong Yen.

There are 30 teams attending the competition

Hackanoi participated in the AngelHack Hackathon 2016 with an Rice Visual Inspection software. Team consists of Viet Cuong (Programmer), Lan Anh (Crop Researcher), and Duc Minh (Programmer).

Hackanoi team

The software takes images of rice plant, collect exact data, including temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light intensity and the crops type. The researchers and experts are able to see real time and history data, analyze health of rice, give suggestion and recommendation for pest prevention and maximizing productivity. Moreover, base on what is suggested, the system can learn the pattern and the researcher can also train the system about the patterns, and over time the system will have analyzed big amounts of images and data, learning from expert recommendations it will be able to spot diseases early and suggest actions automatically.

Cultivators can anticipate the results, knowing when to adjust fertilizer rate, water, and eliminate pests. It will help crops growers save time and expenses, and optimize plant productivity.

Hackanoi team is discussing about their project

Mr. Viet Cuong – IT Engineer discussed with Ms. Lan Anh – Crop Researcher

Hackanoi team is preparing demo of the project

Q&A Part


We received surprisingly many interested questions and request for collaboration from other developers, but unfortunately judges say the pitch is too technical and story not emotionally touching enough.

But it was very fun hacking weekend and we are interested in further working on this project and build a prototype.

The team also will in the next meetup share their experience to other community members and encourage developers to join hackathons, even though judges not easily understand the technical aspect of the project. Need more training and adjust according to feedback is key.