[Event] 9 things to learn from TechFest 2016



[Event] 9 things to learn from TechFest 2016

Hackanoi team is back from TechFest 2016 in Hanoi. Here are 9 things we learned from the most techy weekend of the year.

9. Spotlight on entrepreneurship is brighter than ever

From the day we heard of TechFest 2016 until the moment we packed our booth (literally the whole booth) back home, we can't help but feel just one thing. It's the spotlight. Vietnam's startup world probably has never gotten this much attention.

Since the last TechFest (which is last year) the number of visitors has well doubled. More than 2000 visitors and 100 investors make you forget that the venue space, Grand Plaza hotel's 2nd and 3rd floor, is 2500m2 wide. Streams of people come and go seemed endless.

Our fellow entrepreneurs did not take long to realize that: 100 startups registered for showcase this festival, including Hackanoi. Are you not entertained?

8. Great news: There will be more women in Vietnam's startup world

TechFest does not exactly sound like a chick magnet, but believe it or not, there were many women at the festival last weekend. IT realm, while still mostly populated by men, has seen encouraging surge in female immigrants. They are entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and salespeople for startups of all kind.

From right to left: Mrs. Le Nguyen Van Anh, Mrs. Shuyin Tang, Mrs. Lucy Keoni and an unknown female speaker discuss women entrepreneurs' role in Vietnam startup landscape.

In case you are an IT girl and is reading this, you are more than welcome to join Hackanoi!

7. AI and IoT steal the show

Hackanoi is proud to be one of the most visited booth last weekend. Hackanoi's projects, Sero and Airmap, prove that AI and IoT innovation is as intriguing as ever. Aside from AI and IoT, big data projects like Apoup make the "new technology" section a not-to-be-missed stop of the event.

Airmap sensors tell you which part of the city you should turn away from or whether it's time to buy an Apocalypse-level gauze mask.

Wild little brown dots appears on your plant? Keep calm and take a photo. Sero AI will analyze the disease and tell you what to do.

6. Vietnam startups go to the world

You might have heard about them before - DesignBold is the hottest Vietnamese startup right now. They are making more money than Nguyen Ha Dong's Flapping Bird by building a newbie-friendly design website for global and US market.

At the festival, DesignBold's representative revealed that they were developing a Vietnamese version and currently owning an image stock bigger than Canva. Impressive! What's more, there are other Vietnamese startups at TechFest, for example Expertrans, that are successfully going global and showing our potential to the world.

5. Farm and food startups are growing strong

If you spared some (significant) time to go round the festival, you would notice that there was a lot of green color. TechFest 2016 has seen the growth of farm and food startups. Hachi, one of the best startup prospects this year, became runners-up of Startup Discovery Contest with their remarkable automated urban farming system.

These vegetables booked first class seats on a flight to Silicon Valley. Scroll further down to find out the remaining passengers.

Cheffing's delicious showcase. Warning: one of these is not food. Can you see it? In case you want to cook something fancy but have no time (or are too lazy) to go shopping, call Cheffing and they will deliver raw food to your doorstep.

4. Rise of the makers

Startup is not only about apps. Although apps and softwares still dominate, there were outstanding tangible products at the festival, too.

Dyoss lets you choose your own photo for your watch. These watches have reasonable prices of under $100 (machinery is Japan made). The personal aspect of Dyoss make it a very tempting gift idea.

Other exciting projects include 3D printers from MME Vietnam or 6-pack camera system from Tat May To Mo.

3. B2B

So far, we have seen such a great diversity from startup teams in TechFest 2016, from new technology like AI and big data to farming and food delivery. But what about business-to-business section? Fortunately, we see no short of that during the weekend.

The color of Wisami booth looks very Paypal-like, but maybe that's just me. They recently announced their plan to merge with Izilaw project to strengthen their business management platform Wisami. Their web-based software helps startups and small businesses manage their human resource, finance and other operations more easily.

Utimai, TOKO and LinkedIn in Guides are among other B2B startups of TechFest that worth keeping an eye on in the future. Utimai, for instant, isn't just a job website, but rather a true job social network where you can even earn money by introducing jobs to your friend.

2. Who is the winner?

We have already revealed the runners-up, but who is the winner of Startup Discovery Contest? *ba dum tss* It's Tat May To Mo! Congratulations to the young makers as they won a trip to Silicon Valley and a spot on Kissstartup accelerator.

(image by Fast Forward Advisors)

1. TechFest is the best startup event this year, possibly

It's huge. The venue is fabulous. It lasted for 2 whole days. They even made a mobile app for this event, on both iOS and Android. 100 startups together with hundreds of investors and experts from all over the globe participated, and even Deputy Prime Minister took time to visit. What else can we say about TechFest 2016?

Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vu Duc Dam visited Hackanoi's booth on Saturday. Tremendous honor.

Bonus: Here's definitely the best team photo of TechFest 2016.

See you again at another event!

More information on TechFest 2016: www.techfest.vn

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