[Event] The Era of Artificial Intelligence



[Event] The Era of Artificial Intelligence

The Era of Artificial Intelligence was co-hosted by Cinamon and UP on 13rd September 2016. It attracted the participation of more than 200 leading engineers and people from Hanoi Startup Community.

This was the first bigger AI event in Hanoi, that provided an overview of AI opportunities, the development opportunities and challenges in Vietnam, shared by speakers:

Michael Orto - Project Management of Zeroth.ai starts the event with the age of AI and how it impacts our lives. He shares his experience about AI development communities in Asia. Call for AI developers to join Zeroth accelerator program.

Rodolfo Rosini - Co-founder and Director of Weave.ai (via skype) shared his experience about AI products, how to compete against big corps as a newcomer.

Hajime Hotta from Cinnamon firmly believes Vietnam's tech talent is strong for AI applications. 

Tom from Hackanoi shares his experience building and training convolutional neutral networks to detect crop-health issues in images taken from the field.


Community Leadership Discussions

We are openly brainstorming challenges for the adoption of AI technologies and solutions to solve these problems (points provided from Cinamon notes)

  • AI startups and engineers focus too much on technical aspect instead of market need. The AI trend is super hot and places lots of challenge to technical founders or engineers. So if founders and engineers doesn’t get into the market and understand the pain of users, they sometimes go to the wrong direction. The effort to overcome technical challenge is bigger than to understand how AI application can integrate to other industry and solve customer problem

    • The game changing technology is heavily invested by big corporation such as Facebook/ Google/ Microsoft/ Baidu…

    • AI community in Vietnam should focus more on the integration of AI application to other industries to improve productivity. The market is niche to big corporation. However it is still enormous to startup

    • Startup & engineers lack of cooperation with expertise

    • Many AI startups do not have commercialisation plan in the beginning

  • Solutions to deal with the problem above

    • Events to connect tech demain and expertise domain

    • Invite business to visit students

    • Startup creates internship for students to work on real project. Evengelise to bring more

    • Mini AI Hackathon to bring more problems from real market

    • Small course for VC to understand the cost structures of AI-based business → more information for VCs to understand the model of AI startups (cost structure, application,...)

    • Let AI engineer get a list of business problem. They will be challenged to solve

    • Camp with founder and VCs (5 selected VCs/investor/business → talking to 5 selected engineer/startup to solve → present solutions to VCs/business) → this idea has problem that getting investors to join is hard.