[Event] Maker Movement Promotion Forum 2016 recap



[Event] Maker Movement Promotion Forum 2016 recap

Hackanoi was invited to participate in the Maker Movement Promotion Forum on November 1, 2016. HEEAP did an excellent job organizing an exciting event at Toong Coworking Space. Let's have a recap of the day.

Tuesday Nov 1st, 9 excellent hacker/maker teams came to MMPF 2016 at Toong Coworking Space (To Ngoc Van) to exhibit latest innovations in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). We, as well as nearly a hundred of visitors, were impressed by exciting products and ideas that teams brought to the exhibition. Entrepreneurs, makers, educators and government representatives gathered to discuss various challenges and solutions that Vietnam's innovation ecosystem is facing. I am certain that everyone had a grasp of the maker movement in our country at the end of the day, and everyone got something from the event - whether it's an idea for a new product, a potential investment or the enthusiasm and experience to support makers everywhere. Or simply a good sandwich (credit to Healthwich for the delicious lunch).

Meet The Makers

9 teams participating in the exhibition were Hackanoi, Fablab, Gara Creative, Ta Quang Buu High School (the TQBers), LP4Y, Vy Leather, USTH, MME and HUBT. Part of what makes the charm of this event is the diversity of projects. From drones and 3D printer to wooden toys and leather bags, the exhibition was truly a showcase of creativity and craftmanship.

Fablab explaining the technology (simple, but still pretty amazing) behind their automated little cars and "wrench piano". They were to help students learn electronic engineering. The vehicles are empowered by Arduino's Leonardo ETH board.

The wrench piano on the left. Have you ever dreamt of playing Beethoven 9th symphony with wrenches? By simply holding an electrical cable on one hand, you can play music notes on the wrenches with your other hand. This is engineering and art.

Hackanoi booth at the event. We brought to exhibition two of our projects, Sero and Airmap.

Mr. Duy introduces Sero to foreign visitors. Sero is a crop disease diagnosis AI that can help farmers detect crop diseases by taking pictures of the plant. Sero got quite a great deal of attention all day!

Airmap helps urban population keep an eye (and nose) on air quality. The device in the picture is the air sensor that provides data to the server and your app. Airmap has won first place in the last CrowdPitch IoT event.

Gara Creative is a wooden toy project designed to teach children fundamental rules of engineering, physics and the universe. Like how a cog moves machinery arms. Or how a catapult works. "For now the models are hand-made because they are prototypes. Mass-production is our next phase," Gara representative shares with me.

A drone from USTH booth. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to talk with its creators. The cheerful drone is accompanied by a Nao robot.

This miniature city is the work of TQBers, students from Ta Quang Buu junior high. Everything was made from paper, carton boxes and plastic bottles. It comes with a touch of rainbow, too.

Leathery from Vy Leather. Their products seem very well-crafted. Female visitors of the event must really had to restrain their shopping urge.

As much exciting as the exhibition was, panelists and attendees were here to find out what maker movement is all about. Fortunately, we have highlighted a few keynotes to help those who missed the event and those absent-minded attendees. Which one are you?

Follow the Movement

There weren't many empty seats left in the forum. From the morning till late in the afternoon, lunch and tea breaks included, enthusiasts from Vietnam and other parts of the world carefully followed the Maker Movement. Kudos to Toong Coworking Space for such a nice conference room. Here are some interesting pieces of opinion and experience that various speakers discussed throughout the day:

Maker Movement is looking for life-changing ideas and products. Not life-changing for the maker, but for the society as a whole. "It's not about the ideas and apps," said Mr. Seppa, "but the ideas that change people's life and solve problems." In addition, "makers in Vietnam haven't had the problem solving mindset yet," Mr. Leo Nguyen pointed out. The mission of maker movement is to change that mindset altogether and encourage innovations valuable for the society. He also mention the lack of infrastructure for startups in Vietnam as one of the challenges.

From left to right: Nguyen Thanh Phuong - co-founder of Fablab Hanoi; Marko Seppa - entrepreneur, Finland-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Program; Briant Cotter - innovation specialist, UNICEF; Leo Hieu Nguyen - director, Young Makers Vietnam

Mr. Seppa talks about a reality check for entrepreneurs, makers and inventors in Vietnam. We are indeed facing many difficulties.

Mr. Nguyen Vo Hung answers the FAQs about the role of goverment during morning session. Mr. Hung is Head of Division of Innovation Technology & Policy Market Development. According to Mr. Hung, the government is all-in about innovations, but they are also having difficult decisions themselves - mainly the effectiveness of innovation investments.

A model of action for maker movement.

In the afternoon, representatives from ASU (Arizona State University) and Fablab together with attendees formed a small workshop. A set of design deliverables, concept outline and workgroup to finalize the plan was the expected outcome of the workshop.

Maker Movement Promotion Forum 2016 has been a great day to everyone who participated. It was a particularly fun day for us Hackanoi team, with so much experience and the chance to meet fellow makers. Further information about HEEAP: https://heeap.org/.

I'll be back with more recaps for the next events, keep in touch with Hackanoi blog!