Future Technology Day - Internet of Things



Future Technology Day - Internet of Things

On Thursday and Friday 12nd & 13rd May 2016, another international event "Technology Day: Internet of Things (IoT)" was organized by Future Electronics at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The event attracted the attention of many young electrical engineers, software developers and students, suppliers and startups in industrial IoT space.

Future Electronics introduced their Solutions for IoT.

Following topics were presented by international product companies: Wearables – Our Lifestyle, Smart Homes and Cities, Industrial IoT, Design Enablers for IoT, Embedded Solutions for IoT, Secured Connectivity, Innovative Deployment & Connectivity.

Other IoT Suppliers also brought their products to the event.

Sierra Wireless from Singapore with their Digi Wireless & Embedded Technology

ROHM Semiconductor from Singapore

Exar from Taiwan and their products

IoT supplier was presenting about their products to visitors.

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