Hanoi.AI - A memorable first impression



Hanoi.AI - A memorable first impression

In May at Hanoi.AI, first time City.AI, a global AI community, is visiting Vietnam

THE EVENING was lively, mostly due to the crowd of more than 50 people at Toong conference lounge last Wednesday. Honestly, the level of interest exceeded our expectation - surprisingly we've got double subscribed in only short time. AI, for all its buzz, was still a very new and unfamiliar field not only in Vietnam, but also over the world.

Amongst the audience were CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, chairmen, managers, data scientists, and engineers. We had many expats coming too. And they all came to know what our speakers had to say. Simona Nickmanova went first with her introduction to City.AI community and how important global cooperation is to the development of AI. Next was Michael Ortolano, who showed how entrepreneurs could start-up in AI field and came forth with a $120,000 investment to potential AI projects. Later on, Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh and Mr. Nguyen The Hung shared their invaluable experience in AI application, and the concepts of Industry 4.0 to our audience. They were so passionate that only our rather tight timetable could stop them. But hey, there is always next time: we intend to do this quarterly.

Simona had just came back from Amsterdam.AI, a core City.AI event where she were the organizer. Amsterdam.AI was a success, and Simona thinks the same about Hanoi.AI. "The event is great," said Simona, "I'm so happy that many people came and stayed long to discuss all the interesting topics." Simona, as well as Michael were interviewed by VTV4 channel just minutes ahead of the event's kick-off. Stay tune to see them on TV!

The Q&A session heated up the evening, as speakers were challenged by some excellent questions from AI community. Mr. Binh in particular admitted that the questions were difficult himself, but in the end it turned out to be an enjoyable and...humorous session. We did have some good laughs, didn't we? Here are some of the best QAs:

Q: What is the right approach for a non-tech business owner to learn the basics of AI and integrate it to business plan as an important factor? (Q. Vinh)
A: Get in a data scientist, clean & tag your data.

Q: How to become a leading AI business and start-up an AI business? (From N. T. Doanh)
A: You cannot really "just start an AI business" from one day to another. The most critical factor here is data. How to access data and not talking about data sets available openly because then the question is - what is stopping everyone else from doing the same as you are doing. Clean and tagged data is gold. Startups & SME's that have 2-3-4 years worth of unique data are the best adepts for apllying AI. Check out different ML and DL frameworks and play around with them a bit to get an understanding what they can do.

Q: I work in PR and communication. How can I find good, suitable technology experts to collaborate, especially in the field of AI? (T. Thanh)
A: Hanoi.AI! People need to start a local community, a place where you can ask these questions.

Q: In a possible future where AI replaces human in every single field, what will even be the reason for human to exist? (H. Chau)
A: "Bun cha" and beer.

Q: I want to be an AI expert in the future, what should I prepare? What should I learn? (N. Minh)
A: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on Coursera, or Google’s Deep Learning course on Udacity.

Q: What do you think about OpenAI as a mean of preventing AI warfare? (A. Loss)
A: I don't really want to go into singularity discussions but hey, a bit of control is always good, question is who is controlling it.

*Note that the best questions were selected by the panel beforehand, so if you would like your question to be featured in our next meetup, think about it now and include it in the registration form!

One of the more memorable moment of the event, for me, was the tea-break where networking took place. I talked to some attendees and they seemed satisfied with the experience. Nice talks, good food, add some interesting people in there, and we have a good meetup going, I assume. What's your two cents of Hanoi.AI? Let's hear it in our next meetup. In the mean time, check out some of our favorite moments of the event:

Michael got an interview with VTV4.


Simona talking to Ms Phuong from Fablab Hanoi

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh's presenting about digitalization of businesses (d-commerce)

Mr. Nguyen Thai Hung's talk about Industry 4.0

Good food, good talk.

Best smile of the evening.

Hackanoi - Hanoi.AI team