IBM Watson IoT Bluemix Workshop



IBM Watson IoT Bluemix Workshop

On Thursday 23rd June, Hackanoi co-organized the very first IBM Bluemix & IoT Watson workshop in Hanoi lead by Mr Sudesh Krishnamoorthy - Solution Architect for IBM Cloud - and Mr Luu Danh Anh Vu - Country Manager for IBM Cloud Vietnam.

Mr Sudesh Krishnamoorthy introducing Bluemix

The workshop participants, ranging from industry experts as well as senior computer science students, were given an in depth and very detailed presentation about the cloud strategy of IBM, its position within the enterprise market as well as hands on exercises where they learnt the fundamentals of building and deploying apps in Bluemix, using the Data Management Services and explore the full IoT and cognitive computing capabilities of the platform.

Mr Luu Danh Anh Vu taking about IBM Cloud Strategy

Participants getting familiar with IoT capabilities of the platform