Launching IoT Product Event



Launching IoT Product Event

On Saturday 21st May 2016, Hackanoi and Vietnam IoT Alliance co-hosted the “Launching IoT Products” Event at Hackanoi Office - 40 Phan Boi Chau, Hoan Kiem District,  Hanoi.

Speakers today are Mr. Do Trung Hieu from Vietnam IoT Alliance, Luca Mohammadi from Fast Forward Advisors and Yazid J. Alaoui, Hackanoi’s Process Manager.

First part, Luca talked about Crowdpitch - a range of pitching event consisting of five rounds and the third round will have a focus on IoT. In the event, IT groups can introduce their new IoT products and vite for with each other ideas. The winner will be determined by the votes of audience. Hackanoi and IoT Alliance will coordinate and introduce the best product teams to participate.

Luca introduces about CrowdPitch - Pitching events

CrowPithch IoT will be organized on 28th of July

Mr. Do Trung Hieu provided participants with an interesting presentation about Startup Support Program by IoT Alliance core members and introduced some upcoming IoT projects. 

Mr. Do Trung Hieu is talking about IoT Startup Support Program


Smarthome is one of the attractive IoT Projects

In the event, Tom presented the Airmap project idea - an environmental solution to measure the air pollution level in Hanoi by providing accurate daily AQI and gas/dust concentration in particular places. It is a kind of map which requires distributed connected environmental sensors, posting data of air gases to a central cloud. Additionally, the website and app provides visuals on top of geographic map.

Tom is presenting about the Airmap idea

Airmap solution by Libelium

Mr. Yazid J. Alaoui - An Process Manager from Hackanoi shared The Product design and development Process, which comprises six distinct steps.

Mr. Yazid J. Alaoui is sharing The Engineering Design Process

Six steps of The Engineering Design Process

Participants taking notes of the presentation

The event ended with the exciting Q&A part

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