Motorola IoT Hardware Design Contest



Motorola IoT Hardware Design Contest

Motorola Hardware Design Contest Final was organized at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) on 12nd June 2016, proudly co-sponsored by Hackanoi.
The competition created a playground for HUST IT students and it attracted many students participating in. There were 13 talented teams with interesting ideas going through to the final round.

The panel of judges included HUST lecturers and Tom from Hackanoi

The three-people team, consisting of Vu Ha Nam, Pham Duy Kien and Vu Xuan Tuong, became the winner of the contest with the idea of building from an “IoT Stack on AWS” and demonstrated that to be used for “smart vegetable garden”. It comprises devices connecting with gateway and sending data to cloud, thereby implementing automatic control function, allowing irrigating or not based on humidity, temperature sensors.

Vu Ha Nam and Pham Duy Kien are presenting their “IoT Stack on AWS”

The devices in IoT ecosystem of first prize team

The second prize went to the five-student team, which including Le Dinh Tuyen, Phung Van Luan, Pham Dinh Cuong, Tran Thanh Hai and Dao Vu Tuan. It  was an impressive IoT idea of smart traffic light control system, using CO sensor  circuit to measure the density of vehicles on road, and then deciding to turn on/off traffic light.

Le Dinh Nguyen is introducing the product design, achieving second prize

The concept of turning on/off lights when it is bright/dark, based on light capacity and CO2 concentration in parks from a group of seven people reached the third position in the competition.

The device measuring CO2 concentration in parks

There other consolation prizes was given to three student-teams with the ideas of Porting contiki STM32F4 discovery board, LED control via Bluetooth and movement sensor by using Android software and tracking on Thingspeak, and smart plug utilised in households.