POC with Libelium LoRaWAN Smart Agriculture and Smart City kits



POC with Libelium LoRaWAN Smart Agriculture and Smart City kits

Lora IoT Research Project ‐ Hackanoi and SPARC Lab @HUST

At Hackanoi we want to stay on top of the massive M2M/IoT transformation that is inevitably coming to all corners of the planet. For this to happen on a national scale we need a robust open­standards based network infrastructure that is economical for IoT.

The first time we heart about low power wide area networks is a network provided by French SigFox late 2015. After further research Sigfox has only few partners in the telecom, and it looks like there is an alternative standard named LoRa/LoraWan which is backed by big names such as Cisco, IBM, Orange, SK Telekom, Bosh, ARM, Semtech, Microchip etc

Hackanoi and SPARC Lab of Hanoi University of Science and Technology are cooperating to do research on LoraWan technologies and developing proof of concept for real-life use cases. Potential applications are manifold, such as Smart City, Digital Government, Environmental Surveillance, Smart Agriculture, Industry 4.0 etc. 

We have imported a few sensor kits from Libelium, Lora modules and a Lora Gateway from Multitech. This only serves for lab R&D to understand and be able to apply Lora to industry/enterprise level problems.


Pilot Lora IoT projects proposed

1. Smart street lighting at Bach Khoa University  
2. Precision rice growth monitoring, disease prevention over a very large area   
3. Applications to track and count objects such as people and cars

Cost Estimations for these three projects

$ 8000 Equipment, gateway, modules, antennas, dev kits
­ $ 12000 support for 3 teams, each 3­5 seniors/post-grads and 1 Uni researcher as project lead / mentor 
­ $ 4000 Marketing: Public Demo Event for proof of pilot and promotions for partnerships . Inviting goverments, other researchers, international experts speakers.
total  = $24.000


● We would like to collaborate with a big infrastructure partner who has the ambitious plan to bring massive IoT such as Lora to Vietnam, nation-wide.  
● Become a trusted partner for Systems Integrations for massive IoT Solutions 
● Focus our strength on embedded systems engineering and applications development